Digital Marketing Minute Week of February 20

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Wednesday, February 15 in Building Your Brand.

Why Your Business Can’t Ignore Dark Social

 Sydney Parker |

What is dark social?

Dark social is when people share content through private channels such as instant messaging programs, messaging apps, and email.  This private sharing is harder to track than content shared on public platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, so many social media marketers don’t realize how big of a slice dark social has of the social media sharing pie.

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Viral Trends: A Practical Guide for Marketers

 Kaylynn Chong |

Viral trends are a combination of things—they’re fun, entertaining, and reflective of what people are interested in. It makes sense that as a social media marketer, you’d want to include some form of popular culture into your social media strategy.

When brands jump on trends, it’s called real-time marketing. While the potential payoff can be huge, the risk is also high.

We’re going to show you how to identify a viral trend that would be good for your business to jump on and how to do so effectively.

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5 Things You’ve Been Told About Social Marketing That Just Aren’t True

 Kaylynn Chong |

Social media is ever-changing, evolving, and taking on new roles in the world we live in. That means it’s also changing the way we do business.

Although it’s definitely picked up in the last few years, the idea of social media marketing for your business has been around long enough to have spurred a few misconceptions.

We’re here to debunk a couple of these myths.

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