Tax Reform 2018: How Accountants & Financial Advisors Can Address Changes

Educating clients about significant tax reform. Posted on Thursday, February 8 in Building Your Brand.

The holiday season was busy enough and then major tax changes were announced right in the middle of all the office parties and family gatherings. Some people were able to make the time to understand the changes and make educated decisions to prepare for 2018 taxes, but many others are left with more questions than answers.  While the announced changes don’t affect this current tax season, now is the optimal time for accountants and financial advisors to educate their current and prospective clients on how best to prepare for the changes throughout 2018. So, where do you start?

Make it easy to understand the tax reform

Searching “tax reform” on any search engine produces hundreds of thousands of articles laced with tax and accounting jargon that could make even the most seasoned financial advisors’ eyes glaze over. Think about separating the changes into buckets of clients groups or personas. For instance, the tax changes that will affect married people with kids differently than it would retirees or singles. We recommend using this buyer persona workbook to help develop your tax reform personas. Then, create content around each persona that speaks to their current circumstances. Here are some ideas for content creation:

  • infographics
  • short videos for pre-roll ads and your website
  • blogs
  • social posts and ads

The key to all this content is making it simple to understand and relating it to real-life scenarios. If you’re an accountant in a small office and are by default in charge of marketing, we suggest having friends outside of the industry review your content to gauge readability.

Reaching your tax clients

Once the content is created, it’s time to share it with your persona groups. The obvious option is to put your content on your website. However, you need to also push it out across various ad platforms so people know you have the tax reform tips and insights. This not only solidifies relationships with current clients, but builds trust with people interested in finding a new financial advisor or accountant. You can repurpose the content you created to develop ads or ad campaigns that direct people back to your website.  Here are some of our favorite and most ad impactful platforms:

  • branded content
  • high impact digital ads like homepage pushdowns or our newly launched paramount ads 
  • emails with match back reporting
  • mobile marketing with audience targeting and geo-fencing
  • impact frequency print ads

These are a few ideas to kick-start your tax reform advertising campaign. Our team s eager to discuss your goals in-depth and develop a strategy that fits your business. Contact us today!

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