Three Ways to Win Local Consumers with Mobile

Mobile marketing is about more than just keeping up with the shift to smartphones and tablets—it’s about targeting local consumers with custom messages. Posted on Friday, February 23 in Reaching The Right Audience.

The growing popularity of mobile devices presents exciting new marketing opportunities for local businesses. Not only does mobile foster a more personalized experience, but many consumers also prefer to get their information from their smartphones and tablets, with desktop becoming a secondary touch point for many. In fact, a recent report from comScore shows that 65% of digital media time is now spent on mobile. [1]

What does this mean for you? Below, we’ll discuss a few ways that you can use mobile marketing strategies to draw in more consumers on a regular basis.

1. SEO: Increase Visibility in the Local Market

Local SEO is one of the most important mobile marketing strategies for businesses. It works similarly to typical search engine optimization. However, a local SEO strategy requires unique tactics that are customized for your area.

A successful local SEO strategy will help you boost visibility in your city or metropolitan area and engage more local consumers. Google My Business is a valuable tool for brands that want to gain more visibility in the search engine’s local results. It is also vital for brands to ensure that their NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is consistent across websites, social media profiles, and other local business listings.

2. Mobile Ads: Reach On-The-Go Consumers Anywhere

Did you know that mobile is growing faster than any other form of digital advertising? [2] This is a testament to the ways that mobile ads can transform local marketing. Mobile ads delivered straight to the consumer’s smartphone or tablet allow businesses to reach on-the-go consumers wherever they are.

When consumers are in need of a particular local product or service, they often turn to their mobile devices to find the right business that is closest to them. With mobile ads, you’ll be top of mind by delivering tailored ad content to local consumers right in their moment of need.

3. Mobile Marketing: Deliver a More Personalized Customer Experience

No two shoppers are exactly alike, and mobile marketing helps you celebrate that fact by delivering a more personalized experience to each consumer. Beyond just using the customer’s name in mobile communications, your brand can use mobile ads or push notifications to deliver tailored product recommendations straight to a consumer’s device. You can also use mobile marketing strategies to provide a better customer experience with tactics like text messaging to communicate in real-time.

Reach More Customers with Mobile Marketing Strategies

Are you ready to take advantage of all the powerful opportunities that mobile marketing offers? We can help. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing simply doesn’t work, especially when it comes to local businesses. That’s why we offer customized mobile marketing solutions that best align with your unique business objectives and reach your target consumers.

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1. “2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus,” by Adam Lella and Andrew Lipsman; comScore; 3/30/16

2. “Mobile advertising is exploding and will grow much faster than all other digital ad categories,” by Mark Hoelzel; Business Insider; 4/3/15

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