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Using Optimization to Make Your Marketing More Efficient Posted on Friday, March 9 in Making Your Marketing Work.

Steps to make your marketing more efficient requires both patience and persistence as you apply learnings in a virtuous cycle of continuous optimization.

You will want to make sure your marketing campaign is helping you reach your goal.

Establish metrics that identify if your campaign is generating the right kind of brand awareness, leads or conversions.

The easiest way to identify areas for improvement is to optimize through testing.

Examples of Optimization Testing:

  • Test and adjust specific audience criteria.
  • Adjust creative and determine if you can increase conversions through small changes.
  • Look at timing of delivery/posting as well.

See what performs better, and go from there.

But, don’t stop there.

You want to apply learnings in a virtuous cycle of continuous optimization, so you can effectively move key metrics and maximize your marketing ROI.

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