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Here’s what advertisers say about working with Enquirer Media.

“You work harder for me than any other of my reps and genuinely want my business to succeed and thrive!!!”– Agustin Quirch, SVP of Marketing and Sales, Gilkey Window Company

“A great BIG THANK YOU for all of your hard work to get the Ballet’s 50th section to come to life. I know that we came to you with a lofty proposal and I’m so happy with the results. I also know that it ended up being a lot more work on your end than originally expected. It turned out beautifully and I really cannot thank you enough. It’s been wonderful working with you all and you’ve been nothing but professional throughout the whole thing. Thank you thank you thank you!!!” – Allie Honebrink, Director of Marketing & Communications, Cincinnati Ballet

I have been advertising my business for more than 30 years. This is the first time that for every one dollar I spend, I am getting $8.00 dollars in return. Nothing has ever worked as well as this. I will be using pay-per-click advertising as long as I'm in business. It has allowed me to hire a technician and put another truck on the road." – Jonathan Day, Glaze of Ohio

“We're looking forward to a long-term partnership with Enquirer Media. We've seen terrific results from our Enquirer Media digital campaign! Before we launched our SEO/PPC campaign, we were non-existent on search engines. Now we regularly have a presence on page one, for both SEO and PPC. The traffic to our website has also increased, which will ultimately translate to more contracts. We're so pleased with the results, that we've referred our Louisville office to this digital team. This was the first time we'd hired someone outside of our company to handle our search engine optimization. We've grown to trust and respect our Enquirer Media account executive. Our digital specialist has been very positive, encouraging and helpful. We're looking forward to a long term partnership with Enquirer Media."– Brad DeVries, HUFF Realty

"In the beginning 70% of our new patients came from the ads we ran in the Press. Just from one ad, we received 9 new patients in a single day. I would recommend the Community Press to anyone who wants immediate results at a very competitive price."– Mike Meister, CFO/Practice Manager, Meister Dental

"We continue to use Creative Living due to the outstanding ROI it provides our business. We use several different marketing avenues and it still remains one of our best vehicles."– Dr. Timonthy Kitzmiller

 "We are a new business in Walton, Ky and we started advertising in the Community Press and Community Recorder papers in September 2012 in conjunction with our grand opening. Our Enquirer Media account executive was very helpful when it came to different options for advertising. We immediately saw results from our ads. We consistently ask people where they found out about us and many times we hear one of the community papers. It has been a good investment for us to get customers into the store. We had a first good season and expect to continue to advertise in the papers throughout 2013. We were also very happy with the ads produced by the paper. We changed the ads almost weekly and the response was always prompt and courteous."– Rich & Wrenda Magoteaux, Owners, Sleigh Bells Christmas & Gifts Walton, KY

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